EnSol CFD Academy

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Course Overview

Theory & Fundamental concepts
1. Introduction to CFD and its applications
2. Introduction ANSYS FLUENT Analysis
3. Fundamental concepts of Fluid mechanics and Heat transfer
4. Governing Equations

Practical - ANSYS FLUENT Tools
1. Design Modeller
    a) Sketching tools
    b) 3D features
2. Meshing
    a) Types of meshes
    b) Unstructured meshing
    c) Structured meshing
    d) Inflation layer
    e) Mesh Quality
    a) Material Properties
    b) Boundary Conditions
    c) Solution Methods
    d) Convergence & Residuals
    e) Monitoring data
    f) Initialization
    g) Post Processing
    h) Result Analysis

FLUENT Analysis - Workshop Problems
1. Laminar flow in a pipe
2. Flat plate boundary layer
3. Turbulent flow in a pipe
4. Couette flow
5. Steady flow past a cylinder
6. Laminar convection: Nusselt problem
7. Compressible flow in a nozzle
8. Unsteady flow past a cylinder

1. T-Pipe flow analysis
2. T-Pipe with temperature difference
3. External Aerodynamics of a car


Students, Job seekers, Working professionals etc. can attend this training program.

B.E/M.E Students and Graduates, Research scholars

Mechanical, Automobile, Aerospace, Energy, Civil, Building HVAC, Chemical, Bio engineering, Healthcare, etc

Apart from the above mentioned, anyone with an inclination towards learning CFD is most welcome to attend.



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